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Landscape Design In New Mexico

Landscaped House

When arranging a backyard or frontyard design, first consider what are you would like to use as "livable area". Planting grass in a small area in the back yard will give children an area to play while not creating too big of a project to clean. Also, patio area should be looked at and a decission should be made as to if you are going to be adding patio space. Rock will work great as a filler in an area you plan to expand into later down the road.

Xeriscape, Zeroscape & Hardscape

Xeriscape- Landscape design based on the idea of conserving water with the goal of zero water use.
Zeroscape- Same as xeriscape, just easier to remember the goal of zero water use.
Hardscape- Use of solid, inorganic materials in a landscape design.


Landscape Design

Organic Landscape Design For New Mexico

Plants, trees and grass will cool your home and the area around it. Be carefull when choosing the plant life that will be closest to your home. Avoid climbing vines that will penetrate stucco. Make sure your large trees will have enough room for their roots to grow without disrupting your foundations or patios. Concrete damage will cost a lot more than relocating a growing tree.

Not only will vegitation cool your home, it will also help to control air and noise polution. Citrus trees grow in most Southern states and will work efficiently at cutting back the noise coming from your neighbors while providing you with fresh fruit seasonally. Large trees are great carbon sinks, storing carbon from the atmosphere in their trunk, leaves and roots.