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Plants For Your Home

When concidering vegitation for your landscaping project there are a few things to consider. First, how much time or money are you willing to spend on upkeep. Additionally you should consider what the benefits are that you will get out of the plant. Will it provide shade, color, or errosion control or will it just grow.

What To Plant In New Mexico

In New Mexico, as with in most other states in the south of the country, the options in plant life come down to temperature, exposure, and water availability. In Albuquerque, water conservation is always a good idea so sticking with plant varieties that are more drought resistant will cut use and cost.


New Mexico Flower

Tropical & Desert Plants That Will Work

If you are interested in planting a tropical themed yard vs. a desert themed yard, your most important variable will be your water usage. Most tropical, also known as lush or succulent at times, will require a high amout of water and a more stable environment than that needed by desert plants.

Tropical plants, such as hibiscus or bird of paradise, have noticable differences when compaired with desert plants like the saguaro or lantana. The saguaro cactus has a structure that promotes water storage and not much else. The lantan, a little less drought resistant, has smaller, less dense leaves and corresponding flowers. On the tropical end, hibiscus and bird of paradise have larger foliage, leaves and flowers which require more water and less heat (shade) to survive.